This Eyeliner was made for those who are really committed, it will not smudge, run, crack, flake or fade for at least 24 hours and you wont need to retouch for up to 48 hours even if you are dancing under the rain by the rhythm of music and the pace of lights . This Eyeliner will stay for the eternity. it will not budge.


Tired of those plain, boring ” Vibrant colors” (that’s what they say) eyeliners and you always left craving for more excitement and vibrance? sick of watery formulas? Looking for waterproof formulas that are not only in black? not enough color payoff? Then we got you babe! Give them something to lust for and steal the show babe! Electrify their heart with this bombastic waterproof and smudge proof neon eyeliner that glows under UV lights, but colorful, bright and vibrant enough to use anytime or setting. This eyeliner is not going anywhere! when we say is smudge proof, we mean it!! this stuff is mean! It will stand a whole day of dancing and partying at the festivals or a full night of wildness out with your girls. It comes with a fine tip brush to line those killer eyes and keep you shinning because you,re not basic, you’re amazing! show them! And remember.. We always got your back 😉