“I love how easy is to apply and how now i don’t make a mess everywhere when i want to wear glitter! best part i can take it with me to the festivals and apply anywhere, anytime! love this!”

Love bathing yourself in glitter but hate the hassle, glue or mess when applying it? then is is for you! Our Glitter Jellies are to die for! Super Beautiful, Mesmerizing and Sparkly! Alcohol free so its safe for eyes, face, body and hair! (Did you just said hair?) Yes we did! and the best part is it washes off easily with just water and its non tacky! Amazing! Flexible adhesion that glides on easily with a brush or fingers with minimal fallout but extreme dazzleness because you deserve to be a Blazzing Star! (Did we forget to mention our Glitter Gel is biodegradable and cruelty free? guilt free shinning! ūüėČ )


Directions: We understand that in life the more is the merrier but not with this! a little goes a long way! This is a gel so treat it like so! (Not Glue like) so it needs to dry for the glitter to stay and the thinner and even the layer is the faster it will dry and it will minimize the fallout (if any!) if you want more intensity and want to pack the glitter ( its already very glittery concentrated but some girls are just greedy and we understand ūüėČ ) apply a thin even layer, let dry and then re-apply again and repeat process until desired intensity is achieved.


Size: 10 ML